Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fathers teach your Sons

This is National Masturbation Month and I got to thinking about something that happened this fall at the deer lease I am part of. I have been part of this group of 6 guys for 25 years and we have a lease out in Central Texas. We started out with a trailer that could barely sleep all of us but over the years we built a cover over the trailer and added a 20 by 30ft enclosed porch where we built a kitchen and a regular bath room with a big shower, then we turned the trailer into three double bedrooms. We are all pretty casual about cloths and most evening are just in our underwear while we play cards, drink and tell lies. About the third year we went out to the lease one night one of the guys starts talking about jacking off and how horny he was. Needless to say we all got hard and decided we would have a circle jerk. Some of us who played football had participated in these in high school, and the other guys got over there shyness pretty quick as we pulled out our dicks and started jacking. Over the years this has become a habit and normally during the 6 days we are there it will happen two or three times, as the group has become older I think we enjoy the intimacy of the moment more. There has never been in open sucking or other sexual activity but I do know that some of us do that sort of thing in the blind during the day. But that is not the point of my story here. This year Mike brought his 17 year old son Chip, the second night we are all kind of looking at each other as a couple of the guys are sporting boners in their tight whites and I notice that Gab has a pretty good hard on too. So I turn to Mike and ask, "Have you talked to him about this?" Mike shakes his head NO!, So I ask, " Can I bring it up!" Mike shrugs his shoulders. So I walk over to a cabinet and get out a 32oz bottle of Swiss Navy Lubricant that we pass around the table. I turn to Gab and I say, " Son have you ever jack off with another guy?" Needless to say he turns red as do some of the other guys, but the kid looks up and say, " yea, some times." I go on and say you know all guys do it and we all decided some years ago that is was easier for us to do it together than to hear one of us late at night in the dark, "spanking the monkey". Gab kind of chuckles at this, so I forge on and say, would it make you uncomfortable jacking off with us. He is really embarrassed now and he kind of shrugs. I said, " I think we can all understand that it would be hard to jack off in front of our dads so if that make you uncomfortable we can ask Mike to go outside". That brought on a big laugh from everyone and Chip said no I am cool with it. So I said good as I step out of my underwear and reach for the lube. Slowly everyone gets into the act. We all discovered a little later that Chip could shot a wad a whole lot farther than the rest of us. At Chips urging we ended up doing the circle jerk every night we were there and we had some interesting discussion about technique. So the question is, have you or would you talk to your son about jacking off. Like most men - I'd guesstimate 99% of us wouldn't - I didn't have a father who taught me anything about my cock. Not a single, solitary thing. Ever. I never got "the talk," never heard him utter the word 'penis.' Never saw his; not even soft, let alone with a hard-on. I wonder if this could be why some guys form a fascination for older men - they're looking for the guidance they needed and didn't get. I know myself well enough that when I see a photo of what appears to be a father sharing the pleasure and joys of jerking off with his son I usually save it to use for jacking off. Since we're in the midst of National Masturbation Month, I would ask should more dads be sharing this with, and teaching it to, their sons. What would that be like?


Reg J said...

I talk to my son (16) about masturbation and sex all the time. He's tolerating it much better as he gets older. I believe it absolutely should be something we fathers pass on to our sons. I think we will raise more confident young men.

Anonymous said...

I have two sons I've recently taught how to masturbate. Neither is old enough to ejaculate but they enjoy the dry orgasms. I'll be happy to talk further to anyone (adults only). Kik me at lovethebate.

don joe said...

How old were they. How did you show them.